Cluster (Game)

Cluster will be a turn based space/strategy game. It will be a clone of Master Of Orion 2 (Copywright/Trademark SimTex and Microprose). This game will hopefully allow players to have more freedom in their game. This includes modifying computer AIs and making AIs to control the more tedious tasks that you don't want to. Hopefully the tech tree will be more realistic too, though like other elements this will be modifyable too. And finally, there are plans to make the language in this game customisable. You can create your own files, to add language support with ease.

Customisables not in MOO2:
Computer AI: Make it as touch or easy as you want.
Your AI: Save time on those tasks you don't want. You only want battles, then you will only have battles, you only want to setup colonies, then you will only setup colonies.
Graphics: Import your own ship/race graphics.
Technology: Modify the tech tree to fit your universe.
Language: Tranlate it to any language you want, even pig latin.